The latest update from the endocrinologist -the specialist here in the Lower Mainland that handles all patients on Forteo has agreed to handle me…I still have to think about it.

My last bone scan at St Paul’s hospital showed a T score around -1.5. Lion’s Gate Hospital got their own machine finally and so the results cannot be compared. However the first scan from LGH showed a bone density of +3. Come on- no one can take that seriously. The lumbar spine had pretty collapsed on itself so it showed up as a nice piece of bone. They put me on Fosamax after the scan (2006) and I had a repeat done this Feb 09. It shows a 10% loss of bone mass in the lumbar spine. That’s the reason they want to put me on Forteo. However, the L spine is not even osteopenic. The hip and forearm are normal for my age…so how about the 3 back surgeries that took bone out of the lumbar area- wouldn’t you think that would show a bone loss. I had bilateral laminectomies at two levels. Microdiscectomies at three. 

It just seems logical that there would be less bone…Less is more in this case.

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Lowering Pain Medication

I have reduced the M Eslong in an attempt to get the constipation under control. I am taking 45mg twice a day. I was taking 60mg. I am finding some relief, albeit, very slowly with the constipation. I am playing around with the combination of fiber 3 times a day, lactulose 3 Tbsp, 2 x 240 mg stool softener, 2 Tbsp of the FruitLax. I find that I am so filled with fiber and water I don’t have much appetite.

It’s also becoming more difficult to manage the back pain on the reduced dosage of morphine. I am now in pain pretty much all the time. It’s very frustrating. I think that I will not be able to continue with the decrease. I had hoped that the increase was a temporary measure while surgical pain healed but this is not surgical pain. And it’s very easy to make it worse.

The last surgery was Oct 17 and I feel that the surgical pain should be over and done with. Right now I am dealing with pain from the secondary scoliosis.

I see a surgeon on Friday about the impacted bowel and hopefully he will have something positive to tell me. I do not feel that this a surgical issue.

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