Feeling a Lot Better Then Not

Yesterday, I felt terrific. It gave me new hope. The cymbalta is definitely working. Each day it has been a little better and then yesterday, I almost felt normal. Well you know how that works.

I did a nice walk – managed to go a little faster without trying. I was out there for about 30 minutes. Nice. Sunshine. Walking straighter. I really did feel better. By the time I got home, Bill was waiting to go to the beach where the Harmony Art Festival is taking place. I had thought we were going on Sunday or I wouldn’t have done my walk. Whoops. I didn’t say anything and without taking a little rest, we went to the beach. We were there about two hours. It was fun to walk around and see the different craft booths and the gallery. Outside they were doing art demos and Alan Wylie was there. Bill loves his stuff so he sat on a log and watched. I tried to sit next to him but after five minutes I knew it wasn’t a good idea. OK. I went to lawn and sat in one of the chairs.

Bill could tell I was reaching my limit but he wanted to see the gallery. He found a book there by an artist he would like to take a course in. Then we walked around the lawn area, found the schedule for the art demos and just wandered. I think I did something then. I was a bit of a tough go on the lawn, not even ground and there was a dip that I didn´t see. Darn. I could feel something in my back but it wasn’t sore immediately after.

We went home after that and rested. Sat down in my zero gravity chair with some heat on – doing some Spanish – and when I got up to start dinner, after 5 minutes I was done. I don’t know for sure what I did but I felt a lot of pain. I didn’t want to take anything extra for pain – just hoping that it would go away… nope.

The rest of the evening I couldn’t sit and had to lie on the couch. I finally gave up and went to bed to stretch out and watch TV. I had read that you should take your cymbalta at the same time everyday and I hadn’t been paying any attention. I took it at 7PM and a half an hour later I felt pressure in the back of my eyes. I looked up side effects of cymbalta but couldn’t find any mention of it. This morning I was talking to my sister and she’s going to ask her husband, who is a physician.

I checked out drug interactions on drugs.com, a great place for really good info, and cymbalta has interactions with just about every medication I’m on. They said it wasn’t a reason to stop but cautionary and to watch for increased symptoms. So the Arthrotec I’m has something for your stomach (interaction with that so if I notice stomach aches that should be looked into) and the NSAID in the arthrotec can cause blood thinning and liver problems. The quinine for the leg cramps at night interacts, and so does the trazodone and clonazepam…the only other things I’m on is the MS Contin which can lead to increase mental confusion and more sleepiness. The stomach medicine, prevasid also has interactions – it can decrease the effects of the cymbalta. Talk about a combination of things waiting to happen. And the neurologist wants to take me off the trazodone next month and put me on noritryptiline because it helps with both sleep and pain. That also interacts. This is fine balancing point. I feel like adding one more thing might tip it over…

Well, there you go. The Devil or the deep blue sea. I do feel better and haven’t had any intensified reactions except the pressure at the back of my eyes. It’s only my second week – just finishing that- so who knows.

I read that in the US cymbalta is licensed for use for fibromyalgia as well as diabetic neuropathy. They also said that most of these patients feel a difference by the end of a week which I did. Here’s hoping it keeps helping and not hurting anything. I hope that a day of rest today will fix me up like new.

BTW- I heard from Dr. B in Queretaro and he thinks I need a pain specialist but he said he would think about a way that he might be able to help me. He’s really a nice man.

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