Dr. Fernando Barinagarrementeria Aldatz in Queretaro, Mexico

Dr. Fernando Barinagarrementeria Aldatz is located in the Hospital Angeles de Queretaro.

I got in to see him in about one week. The visit was 800 pesos. He never once made me feel like I should leave. He chatted and asked me all kinds of questions.
Once you make the appointment send some info to him by email. Then phone to see if they got it.
I sent him reports and the hospital had a bit of a computer issue on that day but no one knew where it was.
The receptionists are nice. If you call they may tell you it is his personal email (which it is), so they can’t tell you whether the doctor has received or not.
Tell them to ask him or you’ll waste some time. You might have to phone back but it’s a much better way to get the most from your visit.
For sure, if you have had MRI’s done, bring the CDs.
And just so you know what he looks like I’ve attached a little picture. He is an absolute doll. 🙂 And his English as good as mine.
Let me know if you need help or info.
Cuidate mucho (take care)
Dr. Fernando Barinagarrementeria Aldatz
01 442 192 3041Cell
442.192-3006 – Work
Blvd B Quintana No. 141, Loma Dorada
Hospital Angeles de Queretaro
Queretaro, 76060 GTO

Nicest and Best Neurologist in Queretaro, Mexico

Nicest and Best Neurologist in Queretaro, Mexico

4 Responses to “Dr. Fernando Barinagarrementeria Aldatz in Queretaro, Mexico”

  1. Darlene Says:

    I second that Dr. Barrinagarrementeria is the best. He is one of the kindess people that I have ever met. He was also bang on with his diagnosis of my problems. I wish that there were more physicians like him.

  2. Clara Gonzalez de Cossío Says:

    Es un médico de PRIMERA CATEGORIA, realmente humano, amoroso y empático son sus pacientes. A mi me ayudó muchísimo y me alivió, me reconfortó y me sacó adelante.
    Dios lo bendiga Dr. Fernando, es usted una persona extraodinaria y tenemos el privilegio de que vive aquí en la cd.de Querétaro, que suerte!!!!!!
    Un abrazo para usted y necesitamos más médicos como usted!!
    Clara Gonzalez de Cossío

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