So here I am feeling depressed. I mean depressed like you’re going to cry at any given moment…Really weird for me. I am usually pretty upbeat. 

Back in January one of specialists decided that I should try Cesamet to help with the pain. I agreed. It seemed to help…

Here it the end of March and I was having troubles…went to Mexico for a month and felt pretty good there. Actually felt great there and who wouldn’t? Came back home and it has taken awhile but I found myself back “there”.

I admit it, I’m slow but I finally figured out that this couldn’t be me…I just don’t feel this way and don’t behave like that. So I went to see the family doctor and sure enough – Cesamet lists depression as a main possible side effect. Wow…

OK – I stopped taking it. Couldn’t afford it anymore anyway – it’s $230/month…ouch. I don’t feel a whole lot better yet because I’m in pain and can’t sleep. That can be a side effect of stopping. I’m weaning off from two capsules a day to one for one week and then every other day for a second…what is next? If this doesn’t work, it’s the Duragesic…or it is me..

2 Responses to “Cesamet”

  1. Tina Says:

    I’m sorry to hear you’ve had so many back problems. They really can just bring your life to a halt and it sounds like you were extrememly physically active. In all your videos and your blog entries, I’ve not seen anything about a TENS or NMES unit for pain control. Has this been suggested? I used my TENS constantly after my disk herniated while waiting for surgery. It helped tremendously. Of course, you want the problems to be resolved and not just a band aid applied, but this kind of pain management can help make life more bearable. I wish you all the best.

    • Darlene Says:

      Hi Tina
      Thank you so much for taking the time to tell me about this. When I blew my first disc in 1992 (L4/L5) I bought a TENS unit. It helped me for a lot of years. I was able to stay active and stopped taking anti inflammatories. Unfortunately, as the years passed, I developed an allergy to the glue that is used to stick the pads on and had to stop.

      But when these surgeries happened and I didn’t get enough pain relief, I thought of it again. I managed to find pad that don’t have glue and you use a gel, just like they do when they have an ultrasound. It helped but not a lot. I still use it on really bad days because any relief is good. 🙂

      I am really glad that you mentioned this. I am going to do a post on it because it is nice to have a drug free way to be pain free. And it helped you! So many people don’t want to take pain meds and it might be that stop gap until the surgery – which will hopefully make you feel brand new.

      Again many thanks. I hope you are doing well and standing tall.
      Take care
      Darlene Morrow

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