L2/L3 Bilateral Laminectomy

Well, I did my best trying to get stronger and hoping that things would improve. They did but not enough. Dr. Gul ordered another thoracic and lumbar MRI along with a contrast at the end. I was in that darn machine for 1 1/2 hours. No moving. It was ugly.

I tried to get them to put me in feet first because I had some claustrophobic last time That was weird and unpleasant. Unfortunately, there was no option to do that. I had them put a towel over my eyes and I just braced myself for it. I have had way too many MRI’s and never had an event so I hoped I could just not think about it. It snuck up on me before. Well, that worked but it still was not a pleasant experience.

I can hardly believe how soon I got MRI. I saw Dr. Gul in his office on June 24. I had the MRI 2 weeks later and a repeat appointment on July 22. Unheard of! Usually you can expect to wait at least 6 weeks and that’s if you are on the urgent list.

Anyway, long story short L2/L3 has bilateral blockage of the nerve roots. So that means a bilateral laminectomy. I sure hope it’s better than the L1/L2 laminectomy that I had Oct 17. That’s what is causing the problems with the lower extremities. Apparently the stenosis is also a problem because there isn’t sufficient blood supply getting to the lower nerve. Geez.

At the same time, the L5 nerve is compressed. That explains why I have so many symptoms on the right. But just to be sure that the surgery at this level will help, Dr. Gul wants to do a steroid injection. Really don’t want that. However, they are doing under fluoroscopy which is pretty safe. The sound of it is enough to give me the willies.

Anyway, if I feel some relief after the injection, he will do L5 on the right at the same time as the laminectomy. Recovery is going to be tough.

When I was leaving the appointment with Dr. Gul, he had the nurse do the pre surgical admission. Right. I phoned his secretary and she said that the doctor that does the injection is off for a week but that once I get the injection, my surgery will be around 4 weeks after that. So September sometime….

This is really a lousy situation. I was hoping to go back to work in September…Forget that. And Bill and I were working towards going back to San Miguel in October. Forget that.

You know, sometimes life just sucks.

One Response to “L2/L3 Bilateral Laminectomy”

  1. david Says:

    i have problems at L1/L2 (fusion) but i still have pain and it goes all the way to the big toe and foot–could this be comming from the L1/L2

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