CT Scan: Prep and Scan

CT Colonoscopy Preparation #2
Do not use this preparation if you have had a recent heart attack, kidney failure, severe diarrhea or bowel obstruction. If in doubt, consult your Physician.
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Requirements: From Surgeon or hospital: 1 Bottle of Ez EM Readi Cat 2.1% w/v
1 bottle of Telebrix (60mg)
From the Drugstore: 2 bottles of Citro Mag (magneusium citrate), 1- 10mg Ducolax suppository

Day before Exam
NO Solid Foods
Clear fluids that are not red in colour
Coffee and tea okay without milk – no dairy

At 3PM- one bottle of citro mag. Stick close to the bathroom. Drink at least 4 large glasses of fluids

At 6PM- Drink 250mL Readi Cat. Drink remaining bottle of citro-mag. Drink at least 4 large glasses of fluids throught the evening.

At 9PM- Mix the Telebrix with fluids and drink it. You may continue to drink clear fluids until midnight.

The day of the exam
NO fluids or food until after the exam.
2 hours before the exam insert the Ducolax suppository. Retain at least 15 minutes.
After the exam resume normal diet and drink extra fluids.

for Video recorded by user’s WebCam on Thu Mar 13 08:08:19 MST 2008

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