Contrast MRI

Tomorrow I’ll fill you in on the results from the Contast MRI. 4 pages and not all of it as expected. However, I need to rest now. So more tomorrow…

You know, a radiologist isn’t just some joker off the street. They have to go to school for 12 years to do the specialty. And my neurosurgeon doesn’t agree with the radiologist. I wonder how he’d feel if it were the other way around. I, for one, do not believe it. Especially when the radiologist is confirming what I am feeling.

I have to get the files. But when I sat there in the neurosurgeon’s office, I thought to myself, “I don’t care what he thinks or says. I’m not having another surgery until the pain is so bad that I don’ t have a choice.” I could run out now and get a second opinion but so what? The only result would be yet another surgery. I’m sure the day will come when I don’t have a choice and I feel that I do have one now.

I am able to 45min one day of the elliptical and 30 minutes the next for 6/7 days. Each day I start out that way and then I do either one hour on the mat or one hour of the reformer. When I finish that, I do some stretching or yoga.

I manage my pain with the MS Contin and the dilaudid. AND the Arthrotec which may be gone. I am still not feeling well after the purging so I don’t think we’ve come to the bottom of this yet. Without the Arthrotec movement is much more difficult.

I also have managed my weight through Weight Watchers and the exercise. I have lost 15 pounds that I put on slowly as my level of activity decreased because my level of pain was increasing.

My bloodwork was down again in January so my immunologist suggested I follow up with my hematologist. My family doctor didn’t think I would get in until July – obviously not serious enough – and I go see her on April 1. So some more of the mystery may be worked out.

A very lovely woman has been forwarding me informaton on Dysautonomia and I am checking that out. Maybe the big picture will come together finally…or not.

And just for people’s information if you have an MRI in BC, you can get a copy of the scan on a CD for your records. If you end up seeing someone else, you can save yourself some time. Your doctor needs to say it’s okay or it will cost you $60 or that is what they told me at Lion’s Gate Hospital. Before I decided on surgery I was looking at artificial disc replacement. I had to send my MRI around the world. You never know when you are going to need so get a copy. They get rid of the darn things after a certain time period anyway. The neurosurgeon told me that the hospital threw the CD out one time before he’d even done the operation…

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