Yoga and Lost 3.4 pounds- Hooray :-)

I spent a very restless day yesterday. Did not feel well at all. More or less slept all day. I figured I wouldn’t have a good night but I think I slept right through. So tired.

I got up around 7:00 this morning and had a coffee before going to the weight watchers meeting. I go every Saturday. I lost 3.4 pounds this week. That sounds like a lot but I last week I should have lost more. I weighed in after drinking a litre of water. Anyway, I’ve been on the Core plan so I’m pleased about the results. I was nervous to get away from the Flex plan where you could all the points and really control what you are eating. I like control. With the Core plan you have to pay attention to your body and stop eating when you are full. That is the tough part. Of course, I was sick this week so I didn’t really have any challenges. didn’t want to eat in the first place. But I also didn’t do as much carrdio because I was sick.

Anyway, what I did to help out with the Core transition was to eat the portion sizes from the Flex plan. If I was hungry, I’d eat more. Never happened.  So if you look up the points for spaghetti, it will tell you how many points there are in 1 cup. So on the Core plan you are eating as much as you want until you are no longer hungry or satisfied. I would prepare 1 cup of pasta and eat that. Anyway, it has working and is working and I just wanted to share that. The bottom line is that you chose the foods you eat from a list of pretty normal foods and you don’t have to count points or anythign else. You just listen to your body. Ya right. But you can do it.

Think about it. I’ve lost almost 12 lb since Dec 1. Lift up 12 pounds – not really~ but think about that pulling on your spine and back. Mine was all sitting at the middle. Really hard on the back. So do yourself a favour. If you need to, lose some weight. You’ll really notice the difference and thank yourself for it later.

And I hate to say it, but when I look better, I feel better. I don’t like to look like a bowl of jello. And that has an effect on your attitude. And depression. People that are in pain get depressed. And why not? This can be a tough life. So if we can lessen some of that pain and look better, feel better too.

So I feel better about that but boy does my back still hurt. I don’t know but I’m beginning to confirm that it was the hot yoga. Too much for me. Maybe okay for someone else but not this girl. And if I have to chose, I’m gonna chose Pilates and normal yoga. I’m better off when I’m not in a class anyway. They go too fast. We really need to watch our form. So get a beginners’ yoga DVD or go to a class that specialized in back problems. And don’t do anything that feels wrong or bad. It’s never supposed to hurt.

Try a little meditation too. Make you feel better. Get your thoughts calmed down and your fears too. Focus on the present moment. Namaste – the light in me salutes the light in you.

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