Trying to Stay “Normal”

Went for a half hour walk before Thelma came over. Wanted to get the walk in because it was beautiful out and that’s all I can count on doing. πŸ™‚ Waited at the bus stop for her – in the sunshine.

Boy was it ever cold. Got the haircut yesterday and I swear my head was cold. It was only 3 or 4 inches but I could tell. Didn’t wear a hat cuz I didn’t want hat hair but vanity only goes so far. Tomorrow the hat.

Thelma and I went over some yoga stuff. I showed her my Bandha’s Yoga book which is ALL anatomy. We were trying to narrow down her problem. I think we did pretty good and I gave her three stretches to help with her hip. External rotation is a big part of the problem. The yoga is helpful cuz it’s loooking at the problem from a different prospective. Plus it shows the synergist muscles and the agonistic ones as well. Helps to explain why it hurts “here”.

We made up a big Chinese Beef Pot that turned out great. Good for dinners when Bill is working wacky shifts or when I am too tired to cook. It’s at my page.

I was pretty tired when Thelma left at 3PM and got the dinner ready for the evening – we were having rock hens. Bill has a union meeting and needs to leave the house by 6PM. So I got things pretty much going and then had a half hour nap. No where near long enough. Got up at 4:30PM just to keep him company before dinner. Catch up on things.

He was pretty good and let us have a lot of time on our own. I know he doesn’t see many people either so I feel a little guilty about that. Thelma and I went for a 45 min walk and I asked him if he wanted to come but I really didn’t mean it and he could tell. She’s his friend too. He took her to the bus later and I thought maybe they went for a drink or somewhere. He didn’t come home for an hour. But he was walking around window shopping cuz I was sleeping…

Anyway we had a nice dinner and Bill went off to the union meeting at 6PM. He really didn’t want to go. But I think he’ll see his buddies and probably stay after the meeting and visit. That will be good for him. I told him not to drink and drive. Taxis are a lot safer and cheaper than drinking and driving. I think I have that instilled into him. I remember when I taught him to drive, I made him promise NEVER to drink and drive. He’s almost kept that promise but not quite…

Anyway I am totally wasted. Thelma looked at my back and said that there is definitely a hemotoma in a large area around the surgery. Some kind of movement – probably when I twisted caused a leakage of fluids through the stitches. It’s hard as a rock in the center. No wonder it feels so funny. And hurts so much. She said it can take a long time to heal – like 3 months. Okay, It’s already better than from November 8 so I am not continually battling uphill.

Resting up for a visit tomorrow. πŸ™‚ We’re going to cook that Beef, Barley and Beer Stew and then I’m going to show Thelma how to use her iPOD classic. She got the 160Gig Classic. I am so jealous. I’ve only got the 80gig. LOL. Think about that. My computer hard drive used to be 3 gigs.

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