Taking it Easy

Went for a 30 minute walk this morning then spent time geting one of our passport applications done on the net. Talked with Joan before she left for Egypt. Got a really kewl cat calendar plus poetry in the mail from her. Was so nice. 🙂

Had my hair done today. Lots of sitting. I get standing up whenever I could. Washing my hair was absolutely NO fun. Bending backwards is not a good move. Sucks.

Nice haircut but 3 hours at the salon. What is it that takes so long. I just want to get in, get out. Sometimes I think you’re better off not making friends. Too much chatting and then it’s okay to let you sit.

I don’t want to find someone else though. She’s so nice to me and I really like her. But she’s gotta understand that there is no way I can sit that long. I almost said to forget the hair washing…why not?

Thelma and I were going to do coffee today but I am way too burnt. Maybe better tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing her. Doing my stretches then gonna have dinner and go to bed.

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