Tips and Tricks: The Red Cross Loan Cupboard and where do I get equipment?

There are some things you are going to need but not for long enough to buy. The raised toilet seat is a good example. When you get it out of the “Loan Cupboard”, you have it for 3 months. I didn’t need it longer last time and I doubt that I will need it as long this time.

But if you go out and buy one of these, it’s at least $30. OK. The loan cupboard is by donation and I gave them $10 last time. 3 loans and I could have purchased my own. But I don’t have any place to store the darned thing and the money is going to a good cause. They’ll come a time when I don’t have a choice and then the place I use it, will be the place I store it. đŸ™‚

They have all kinds of stuff. A seat for sitting in the bathtub is another good example. Depending on your condition this might be a safe thing to have. Also consider whether you need permanent fixtures in the tub for you to grab onto.

The number in North Vancouver is 604.988.7115 and they are located in the Delbrook Community Centre, North. Very nice volunteers run the place.

Through the Seniors Network you can buy or rent second hand equipment: 604.324.3670

Self-Care will rent new or second hand equipment: The staff is really nice and knowledgeable. 604.990.9422. They are located in the strip mall next to the Shell Station on Marine Drive in North Vancouver. Next to Save On. Same side of the road.

Aids to Independent Living Project will lend you equipment: I haven’t dealt with this group. 604.899.7551

Davies Pharmacy, right across from the Lion’s Gate Hospital also has a rental program and of course, they sell equipment also. The staff is really knowledgeable and very nice. 604.985.8771

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