Overdoing it is Easy

Yesterday I walked twice for a total of about 30-40 minutes. I felt fine. And apart from doing my other exercises, I haven’t been doing anything. Bill is taking care of everything. The only thing I didn’t do was lie down in the afternoon. Bill got up around the time I was going to lie down so I stayed up to keep him company.

Long story short, I had to take some pain medication around 4PM. That’s not too unusual. But at bedtime I had to take another one. And about 2 hours later, I awoke from the pain to take another one. So far it’s been one pill and not two. I’m afraid that if I take two for too long, they won’t work and I’ll need three. Pain management is a tricky thing.

Now it could have been nothing that I did that day and I might have twisted when I was sleeping. Or maybe both. But I’m being careful today. I’m quite sore and I’m icing now. I got my duvet out for the couch so I won’t wake Bill and I’ll lie down here for awhile. If it proves to be uncomfortable, I’ll go into the bedroom.

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