Well, the healing continues. Up and down as usual. I had a good day last Friday and did some isometrics on the obliques and I’m just getting over it now. I must have twisted or rotated a fraction and that was it. It was bad enough that I thought I’d better call the doc and say, “uncle” but wouldn’t you know it, he’s on holidays. Actually the whole staff is off. So I guess that takes care of that. I have that appointment on Sept 5 and we’ll deal with it then.

When I say him last time, he said I’d need another MRI and that can take awhile depending on how important the doctor thinks it is. And then there’s the wait for the surgery. Last time it started on March 23 and I had the surgery June 1. So I figure that it’ll be around November…give me time to build up some strength if I can move. Very frustrating.

 I’m able to keep up the elliptical and walking although it’s slower when I’m in pain. I just don’t want to lose what little gain I’ve made. Same for the upper body workout but I cut that back to bare bones.

I started writing this blog to help people out that were considering the surgery. Basically you can see it is a whole lot of up and down. But you can’t give up. I can see how someone might just stop trying to move because it hurts. I guess I can see how my mom went downhill. She broke her ankle. She used to walk an hour a day. Then she stopped because of the injury and she never went back to it. She had bad arthritis too. Around 60, she had a hip replacement. Didn’t seem to help. And her back was always hurting. So she sat as much as possible because that didn’t seem to hurt. She was like that until she died at 83.

I don’t want to be like that. I guess I’ll move and hurt. The only difference is I’ll move.

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