Hanging in There

It’s still going forward. I noticed today that I was actually a little bit out of breath at the end of my walk. That’s the first time that that has happened! I’m delighted that I might actually be going into my cardiac zone.

I did this week’s 10 minutes on the elliptical and got a registered heart-rate as well. Wednesday I go to 11 minutes. Slow but steady.

I’m able to do the upper body portion of the Essential Reformer workout as well. Today I added some of the Intermediate stuff. It’s all coming together.

I’m still doing the doctor’s exercises twice a day. Getting easier as well.

The most important thing is the stretching, I think. The right side is way out of balance with the left. I sometimes toy with the idea of not having the second surgery. It’s hard to imagine having to go through this all again way too soon. But I find that I’m really tired and in pain at the end of the day…maybe it’ll go away as I get back in shape.

We picked up a pair of walking shoes at the mall for our trip to Europe.Some nice Rockports. The MBT shoes just aren’t working out. I have to use muscles before they conditioned enough to use. I think I’ll go in tomorrow and chat with the owners. One- they should know that these are not the kind of shoes to recommend to someone that is recovering from spine surgery and two- maybe, just maybe they’ll let me trade for something more appropriate. They were over $300. I’m sure they’ll be okay late but now is something totally different.

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