Bright and Sunny

Well, the weather here has been raining cats and dogs. But when I got up this morning, it was beautiful and sunny. I just threw some clothes on and headed out for my walk. No coffee even! It was fantastic out there. I don’t know what’s going on with the crows – I know it’s nesting season – but I was “attacked” by this one crow. As I walked by it cawed away at me and swooped down low enough to grab my hair! Now this might not have bothered me that much if I hadn’t seen “The Birds” by Alfred Hitchcock. That darned bird chased me till I was out of range. I felt safer because I had my cane. At least I could threaten by waving it in the air. Oh- if only for a camera.

I was actually quite tired on my walk, crows aside. I ended up cutting it a bit short. Still sunny by the time I got home but not for much longer. I had a cup of coffee with Bill who had just gotten up. I thought that after sitting I would recover my energy but I didn’t. My back is tired. Sore tired. I guess I might as well get my head around a bit of long haul here. Maybe I’m doing something wrong in the exercises that I am doing. I wonder about that. Of course the pamphlet doesn’t talk about neutral or imprint (from Pilates) but knowing what I do I’ve been working in imprint. But just the action of bringing the belly button to spine is enough to feel that lumbar spine.

Anyway I planned another Indian dinner for Bill. It’s his last day of mini holidays and when he’s working, I never know what shift he’s going to be one. Night shift means a home made frozen dinner. So we’re having Curried Chicken, Beans and Potatoes with Tomato Curry and Brown Rice with Lentil Pilaf. I was chopping in the kitchen for 2 and half hours. I tried to move around as much as possible but that kind of standing around is the pits… I just wanted to lie down to rest my back. Lunch was not on me. 🙂

So dinner is ready to go and I turned on the computer to make copies of my MRI. I’m sending one to the rehab doc and the second to a Medical Tourism place. I’ve been checking out a lot of different options including an Artificial Disc Replacement which they do not do in Canada. I’ll write more about that later. The net is a great place to get info – as we all know. I was in touch with 3 different doctors in Germany to see what they thought of my situation. They all got a copy of my MRI and reports including a patient pain worksheet that you fill out. Mostly I got told that my spine was twice as old as I was. Encouraging, eh? Anyway I will write more about that later. I’m too tired now.

Bottom line on the day is that the less I rest, the more tired my back is. I’m losing all my pre-surgical conditioning. 😦 I’m starting to feel my forearms again – before I couldn’t type the neuropathy was so bad). I take Neupogen for it (that’s a whole other story) and I’m due for a shot. Since it makes your hip and back hurt I’ve been putting it off.

I don’t know if these posts will ever help anyone out. At least they keep my family and friends up to date and that’s a good thing.

Off to lie down before I start dinner. Take care everyone.

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