At the Hospital before the Surgery

The week before surgery I had to go to the hospital to be admitted and was given my hospital bracelet. There was a video to watch  on the surgery, how to move, exercises to do in bed and other basic info.

From there you meet with a nurse who goes over your info and actually admits you. You get the basic  Q & A session and some other reading material with all the things you saw on the video in written form plus some pamphlets about community resources such as the Red Cross Loan Cupboard.

I found out I could telephone in an order to my IGA store and it would either be delivered or my husband could pick it up. Several grocery and drugstores offer this service. There was a number of other usual services available.I was booked for surgery at noon.

After seeing the nurse you go for bloodwork,  an ECG and chest X-Ray are done. Remember that each place has a lineup so all in all your biggest chunk of time is spent doing this.

Lastly, I had to return to the Admin station to see the anaestisist because I have sleep apnea.

So I was in the hospital for four and half hours. Lots of sitting which was very painful.

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