Before surgery – creature comforts

The final things I did to prepare for my recovery from surgery were to increase my comfort as much as possible. I went to the Red Cross loan cupboard and rented a raised toilet seat. GREAT tool.

I purchased a soft ice/moist heat bag that was large enough to go across the entire back and around the sides of the hips. When used as an ice pack, this is a great method of pain control. Because the pack is made of a silica gel that is solid it cost more than standard at $69. But is very soft to lie against.

I also purchased a horseshoe shaped pillow (the comfort pillow) that is 6 feet long. When side lying you place on edge of the horseshoe between the knees and ankles while the other end is pushed up close to the back to support it. The horseshoe itself if for the neck and shoulders.

I used to use a pillow between the knees, another between the feet and ankles and a Tempur Pedic neck roll pillow. I don’t need any of these any more and have never been more comfortable. This pillow was expensive but my shoulder doesn’t hurt anymore so it’s worth it – $140.

We already had a danish bed (with slats) with a memory foam mattress. We purchased this on sale for $800. The memory foam is 6″ thick.

I also had an ergonomic cane – it fits the palm of the hand to help with balance. This was $39.

And last but certainly not least I purchased a computer table that could be used in conjunction with the zero gravity chair so I could keep up to date. This was $249.

It’s 15 days past the surgery and I’ve just ordered the memory foam for the chair. But all in all I don’t know how I would have managed without the additions.

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